Food4Thought 5.0: More Featured Chefs

Childhood Favorites, Transformed.

Food4Thought 5.0 is coming up later this week and we can’t wait to taste what our amazing team of chefs have come up with! We’ve asked them to riff of their childhood favorites in honour of the kids we serve every weekend.

Last week we introduced you to Kate Horesman and Josh Gale. Today, we’re featuring the other three stellar chefs in the line up: David Robertson, Juno Kim and Kris Barnholden.

Meet the Chefs

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David Robertson

You know what they say about a dirty apron… it’s the sign of a passionate chef! David Robertson from The Dirty Apron will be joining us at Food4Thought 5.0 on September 20th. David’s main course is a high-end version of a chicken pot pie – a favourite meal of his growing up. His goal is to have guests revisit their childhood in a culinary way, swapping out boxed lunches for more elegant plated versions that taste like ‘home’. David’s ongoing volunteer work with inner-city students in Vancouver, and seeing firsthand the need for programs like Backpack Buddies was a catalyst for lending his support this year.

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Juno Kim

Remember that one thing you hated to eat as a kid? Well, Chef Juno Kim is all grown up now (!) and has transformed his childhood nemesis into a delicious main course for Food4Thought 5.0. Juno believes the work that Backpack Buddies does is invaluable to the communities they serve, not only feeding kids, but affecting the present and future of many families.

Kris Barnholden

Chef Kris Barnholden has lent his creative vision and talents to restaurants in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and London. After preparing a dish for Backpack Buddies’ Food 4 Thought 5.0 event, he can add school gymnasium to that list! Kris is honored to be helping raise funds by preparing a meal in one of Backpack Buddies’ recipient schools, where students receive backpacks of food every Friday to ensure they have enough to eat over the weekend.

Food4Thought 5.0 is happening on Thursday, September 20th at Admiral Seymour Elementary School. Your ticket includes a welcome cocktail, a five-course dinner, beer and wine and live music from Emily Chambers.

Food4Thought 5.0 - Featured Chefs

Food4Thought 5.0: An exclusive collaboration of Vancouver's Top Chefs

Thursday, September 20th 2018, Admiral Seymour Elementary School
Tickets available here

Food4Thought 5.0 is coming up on September 20th and we can't wait. We're transforming an Elementary School Gym into one of Vancouver's finest restaurants for this special occasion. Featuring live music and a five-course menu inspired by childhood classics prepared by five of Vancouver's top chefs: Juno Kim, Kris Barnholden, David Robertson, Josh Gale and Kate Horsman. This night of generosity and fantastic fare is in support of Backpack Buddies' programs which addresses a very real need in Vancouver by bridging the weekend hunger gap for children in need in the city's inner-city schools.

Meet the Chefs 

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Kate Horsman 

As the saying goes, “eat dessert first”! So that’s where we’ll start too, with Kate Horsman. Kate, a nutritionist who takes a mindful approach to the food she creates, will be preparing a playful and inspired dessert to cap off the meal. Her passion for Backpack Buddies stems from wanting to help spread the word that there are children in our own backyards that don’t have enough to eat and who are in need our support.


Josh Gale 

Josh Gale, executive chef at Nicli Pizzeria, has a love and overwhelming passion for food, cooking, and incredible ingredients that will ensure the evening’s first of five courses is fun, whimsical and delicious. He plans to take attendees on a ‘trip down food memory lane’ with a gourmet dish inspired by grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Josh’s support of Backpack Buddies comes from his knowledge of how good food can positively influence children’s health and lives so they can focus on learning and just being kids.

Stay tune for more from chefs Juno Kim, David Robertson and Kris Barnholden. Get your tickets on Eventbrite before they sell out!