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For $80 a month, you can provide a hungry kid meals and snacks to last the entire weekend—every weekend.

Bring Joy Back to Friday Afternoons

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For the kids we serve, Fridays are hard. Children who rely on school hot meal programs often face the prospect of a weekend without meals. When you join The Friday Club you are rallying alongside over 700 other passionate monthly donors who help us deliver thousands of bags of food to hungry kids every Friday.

How It Works

Monthly giving is the best way to make a big impact. Join us and feed hungry kids in your community.

Join The Friday Club

Joining The Friday Club is as easy. Fill out the donation form below and we’ll automatically and securely process your donation on the same day every month. You will have the choice to receive a tax-receipt every month, or to receive a cumulative tax-receipt at the end of every year.

Feed Hungry Kids Every Month

When you give $80 a month, you’re ensuring that a hungry child has the food they need to last them the weekend — every weekend.

Help Backpack Buddies Plan and Grow

Our monthly donors are people we can count on. Your dedication and support allows us to plan and grow on a stable, reliable base of funding — ensuring we can reach even more hungry children every year.

Change Your Gift at Any Time

Want to change your gift amount? Need to adjust your tax-receipt settings? Have questions about your gifts? At any time you can reach our Donor Relations team to adjust your monthly gift. We are here to help.

Who Am I Helping?

When you join The Friday Club and give monthly, you’re feeding a hungry child who is counting on Backpack Buddies for the meals and snacks they need this weekend

    The week before payday, I usually run out of food. It’s so hard when Chris tells me that he’s so hungry and I have to explain to him that payday is coming soon.”



    Many days there wasn’t enough food for all of us, so I wouldn’t eat so that my kids could. There was a point when they were afraid to ask for a snack or a drink because they weren’t sure if we had any food at home for them.



    Having a backpack of food every weekend takes a huge weight off of both the child and their parents when they don’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.


    North Vancouver

    When I don’t have enough food to feed my kids, it’s very hard. The kids can tell when I’m stressed about money and food—I try not to show it but they pick up on it from me and they worry.


    Parent on Vancouver Island

Why Give Monthly?

Giving monthly is one of the best ways to ensure hungry kids in your community get the food they need for the weekend and beyond.

Kids Get Fed, No Matter What!

Monthly giving provides a sustainable source of funding that ensures children in need get a bag of meals and snacks every Friday, no matter what.

It’s a Community

Joining The Friday Club means you are a part of a passionate community of monthly donors who believe that every child should have the food they need to grow and thrive.

Special Opportunities

As a member of The Friday Club, you’ll be invited to special events at the warehouse and have access to volunteer opportunities first. It’s our way of saying thank you!

Meet our Monthly Donors

Every member of The Friday Club has their own reasons for giving. Meet some of our Friday Club members and learn about what inspires their giving.

    “I knew I wanted to bring our giving closer to home. There is a need everywhere, but there is a huge need in our own community. Focusing our family’s giving close by — to support our own neighbours — is important to us right now. It breaks my heart that there are so many kids in our community here in North Vancouver that go hungry every day. No parent should have to choose whether they feed their kids or keep a roof over their heads. To be able to give to Backpack Buddies and help alleviate stress on families in our community is huge.”


    Monthly Donor

    “My mom, Marg, couldn’t stand the idea of hungry kids. She started a milk program at our school in the 1950s. She convinced a local dairy to supply little cartons of milk to every student. If you could pay then a carton of milk was $0.10. If you couldn’t pay, you got your carton of milk anyways. Feeding people—particularly children—has always been a priority for me. When I saw Backpack Buddies, I knew that I wanted to be involved. I give monthly to continue my family’s legacy of always welcoming a hungry child to the table.”


    Monthly Donor

    “My husband and I grew up in East Vancouver both with single moms, so we know how hard it can be for parents—especially now. We are privileged to be able to afford all of our son’s needs and we want to give back. I was inspired how above and beyond your charity went to deliver meals to families in need. We are happy to support that passion and dedication to our community by being members of The Friday Club.”



    “A lot of kids are in environments where food isn’t a first priority—therefore, other adults in the community need to step up to ensure that they are getting the support these kids aren’t able to get at home. For me, The Friday Club makes giving simple and easy. In life, things fall through the cracks—but giving to ensure kids are fed is too important to me to let it slip by.”


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