Backpack Buddies has one goal: to fill the weekend hunger gap for children who rely on school meal programs Monday to Friday.

We do this by connecting kids from different backgrounds in order to get buddy students involved and at the same time fill the need that exists with recipient students in our community.


Backpack Buddies is founded on the belief that in order for kids to feel compassion and empathy, they need to understand and learn about the issues faced by others and then to be provided with tangible opportunities to actually help and be part of the solution.


We are a lean, mean, hunger fighting machine!


We know the issues of childhood hunger are complex and far reaching, but we try to simplify things.  We know there are children that are hungry, and we are going to do our best to feed them.



Our Team

A Handful Of Big Hearted Individuals

Our team consists of six individuals, however, we simply could not do the work we do without the incredible support and dedication of our community partners and sponsors.

Our Impact

Feeding Over 1,460 Children/Month

Backpack Buddies works with 30 different schools around the Greater Vancouver area. We have 14 schools who donate into our program each month, and 16 recipient schools. We depend on all of our donor, or as we call them "Buddy Schools" to ensure that our program continues to grow in impact.



To Inspire & Empower

By 2020, we want to have inspired and empowered 50 communities to alleviate childhood hunger, using the Backpack Buddies model of #kidshelpingkids. We know it seems lofty, but we believe in the go big, or go hope mentality!


Get Involved

Become A Volunteer!

Although we are able to feed +1460 children/ month, the need is far larger. Every helping hand makes a big difference. If you are looking to get involved with Backpack Buddies, we would be thrilled to have you join us!