Hunger Heroes: Ruby and Sandra

Ruby’s Birthday Tradition

Every year, we all turn a year older. It’s a day where we celebrate our lives, the year that has passed, and all that we are looking forward to in the one ahead.

Typically, it’s all about us.

But, for one Vancouver girl, her birthday isn’t about her at all.

When I heard about Backpack Buddies, I really thought that it was important that kids get food after school. Sometimes kids go home without any food at all to eat that night and that’s not fair.
— Ruby

It all started on Ruby’s 10th birthday - a few years ago - when she asked her friends to come to her birthday party with food instead of gifts.

“We gave them a list of food items that Backpack Buddies needs and everyone brought food,” she remembers. “Someone even brought 50 juice boxes! Everyone was pretty cool about it".

It’s a tradition that has endured. Recently, Ruby used her Bat Mitzvah celebration to help kids in her neighbourhood who need Backpack Buddies.

At the heart of Backpack Buddies is our Kids Helping Kids model. Our team works with ‘buddy schools’ and students like Ruby to build their own understanding and empathy, and to be the force of change in their communities through volunteering and fundraising.

Every week, children at Metro Vancouver donor schools pack Backpack Buddies of food for recipient schools in their communities that have children in need. In 2017/18, we had over 200 Student Heroes at 13 donor schools volunteering their time and energy to help other children in their communities.

“We’re extremely proud of her and we’re happy she’s passionate about this,” Ruby’s mom, Sandra says.

As a family we value giving back to our community in some way shape or form. This is why I love Backpack Buddies - because Ruby can really help out in a tangible way. She can really relate to the cause and get her head around the need — kids who are arriving at school hungry.
— Sandra

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