Impact Stories

Tackling childhood hunger together

Meet families, donors, champions and volunteers from the Backpack Buddies community.

  • Meet Jaimie-Lea

    When we first met Jaimie-Lea and her three children, her husband, Joe, had just stopped working. He had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

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  • Meet TK

    For years, TK has lived on the poverty line and has been on and off of welfare. As a single mom with two kids with significant, unique needs—her daughter has autism and her son is deaf—TK’s ability to work has been limited and her resources are always stretched to the max.

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  • Meet Frieda

    “Over the past eleven years, my husband and I have taken in four of our grandchildren so they wouldn’t be left in the foster care system,” Frieda explains to us.

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  • Meet Lori

    “We have a very limited food budget each month. To make it through, we rely on Backpack Buddies.”

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  • Meet Bertie and Tristyn

    At 43 years old, Bertie made a decision that would completely change the course of her life. Bertie left her career at Service Canada to become the adopted mother of Tristyn—a 4lb 11oz newborn who was fighting for his life.

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