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Many days there wasn’t enough food for all of us, so I wouldn’t eat so that my kids could.

For years, TK has lived on the poverty line and has been on and off of welfare. As a single mom with two kids with significant, unique needs—her daughter has autism and her son is deaf—TK’s ability to work has been limited and her resources are always stretched to the max. 

“Before support like Backpack Buddies became a part of our life, there were so many sleepless nights and emotionally charged days because everything felt like too much,” she told me recently. “I almost gave up my kids a number of times—not because I didn’t want them but because it was too hard to do it by myself without any money.”

Having enough for her children to eat was one of her biggest challenges.

“Many days there wasn’t enough food for all of us, so I wouldn’t eat so that my kids could. There was a point when they were afraid to ask for a snack or a drink because they weren’t sure if we had any food at home for them.”

“Knowing that I have Backpack Buddies coming every weekend takes away so much stress. I know I’m not going to starve. My kids aren’t going to starve. I don’t have to worry or fight to make sure my kids are fed. I was getting ready to sacrifice my own meals so they could have enough to eat—and now, I don’t have to do that.”

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