Filling Backpacks Every Week in Hope and Beyond

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One in five children in Fraser Valley are living in poverty. For children living with a lone-parent, their odds of living in poverty are over 50%. With your support, Backpack Buddies is now in the far end of the Fraser Valley serving 200 families a week with bags of child-friendly food delivered discreetly through local schools.

Since spring break, Backpack Buddies has also set up new partnerships in communities across BC including Hope, Agassiz, Boston Bar, Campbell River, and Nelson.

Each community faces unique challenges to the rise in family poverty and food insecurity. Whether it’s the shutting down of a fishery that causes employment loss, or the remote-nature of some communities that make accessing support services impossible, each community we work with has a significant need. Kids across the province are going hungry this weekend and together, we can grow to reach them.

Learn more about childhood hunger in BC and the communities Backpack Buddies works with here.

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