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Thanks to you, we’re feeding more kids than ever before. Last week Backpack Buddies delivered a record-breaking 1,600 bags of emergency food to vulnerable families.

At Backpack Buddies we’ve thrown out a delivery system we spent eight years building and replaced it with one we created in just 10 days. Like so many others, we’ve learned to pivot quickly and listen to the growing needs of our community. We’re 100% committed to getting the emergency food you provided into the hands of the little ones who need it throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

We’ve set up food pick up stations at schools across the lower mainland and on Vancouver Island and are partnering with other non-profits who know the specific needs of local families. We’ve collaborated with School Boards and responded to increased requests from many neighbourhoods.

Because of your generosity, our truck has been full of hearty food including fruit, bread, protein, pasta and soup at the start of each week. Thank you for stepping up to feed your neighbours during this time of great uncertainty.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve delivered almost 3,000 enhanced bags of food to kids and families who need them.

Pat, Backpack Buddies delivery driver, shares some of his photos from the road:

More Island Kids Receive Food

Despite the instability brought on by COVID-19, we were able to launch our Port Hardy expansion last week and bring 200 weekly bags of emergency food to kids and families who need the extra support now more than ever. Teachers stepped up to pack the bags and they were distributed from the school gym.

1 in 3 children in Port Hardy are already living in poverty before the COVID-19 Pandemic changed daily life and reduced regular social supports provided by schools.

This expansion was made possible by the power of your collective action. The remarkable generosity of hundreds of donors have ensured we can continue paying our grocery bills – even as they sky rocket with the increased needs of our families. We are filled with gratitude.

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