By the numbers: A year of unprecedented growth

From Geoff Pedlow, Chair of the Board.

Hi There - 

I’m a numbers guy. They’re important to me not only because of my professional career (I’m a business lawyer specializing in corporate and technology law) but also because they tell a story that is worth sharing.

BPB Growth .jpg

The story I want to tell you is about the children who relied on you this past year.

If you like, you can skip the rest of this post and simply take a look at the numbers to your left.

If you’re sticking around (hard not to, now that I’ve invited you to stop reading), I want you to know that our numbers have amazing things to say.

This year, because of partners, volunteers and donors like you…

  • More bags of food were delivered to children and families in need than ever before.

  • Our donor schools grew by 25%

  • Our recipient schools grew by nearly 200%

  • We covered more ground delivering bags of food, approximately 6,500 more kilometres than last year.

Almost 1,000 children across Metro Vancouver were reached every weekend… all because people like you care.

Behind every bag counted, every kilogram of food delivered, is a child in need who won’t go hungry over the weekend.

Today, we are ready for more. More bags of food to give, more kilometres to drive, more children to reach...

Together, we can tell an even more incredible ‘by the numbers’ story for the 2019/20 school year. Backpack Buddies is poised to meet the significant need that still exists - but we can’t do it without you.

With Gratitude,


Geoff Pedlow, Chair of the Board

We’ve outlined all of this and more in our 2018/19 Impact Report.

You - caring reader - can be a part of this story. Join us as a donor, volunteer or sponsor this coming school year. Click here to learn how you can be involved.