We believe our partners know best.

We are tremendously grateful to all the teachers, social workers, students, sponsors, donors and volunteers that have helped us build Backpack Buddies to serve kids and their families.

Thank you to our family of buddy schools, sponsors and donors for making this great work possible every week across Metro Vancouver. You are awesome.


City of North Vancouver

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the City of North Vancouver through their Community Grant program

District of North Vancouver

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the District of North Vancouver through their Community Grant Programs

Province of BC (Gaming)

We acknowledge the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia


Our Schools



  • Collingwood Morven Campus – first donor school

  • Collingwood Wentworth Campus

  • West Point Grey Academy

  • Mulgrave School

  • Southpointe Academy

  • Cindrich Elementary

  • St. Georges School

  • Kwantlen Park Secondary

  • Guildford Park

  • Morgan Elementary School

  • David Livingstone Elementary

  • Meadowbrook Elementary

  • Fresh Air Learning Academy


  • Grandview Elementary – first recipient school

  • Admiral Seymour Elementary

  • Queen Alexandra School

  • Norgate Elementary

  • Xpey' Elementary

  • Holly Elementary

  • Britannia Elementary

  • Britannia Secondary

  • Graham Bruce Elementary

  • Queen Mary Elementary

  • Mary Jane Shannon Elementary

  • Prince Charles Elementary School

  • Bridgeview Elementary School

  • Larson Elementary

  • Focus Trek

  • Westview Elementary

  • Burnaby South Secondary School

  • Cariboo Hill Secondary School

  • Byrne Creek Community School

  • Edmonds Community School

  • Nelson Elementary School

  • Hjorth Road Elementary

  • Green Timbers Elementary

  • Additional school has chosen to remain anonymous


Our donors, or 'Buddy Schools' as we call them, ensure that our program is not only sustainable, but also grows in impact every month.

Backpack Buddies currently works with 41 schools in the Metro Vancouver area. We have 13 schools who donate into our program each month, and 28 recipient schools. 


Together, we can ensure that no child in our community goes hungry.
Join us and combat childhood hunger today.

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