Hunger doesn't take the weekend off

One in five B.C. children relies on food banks and weekday school lunch programs to survive. Backpack Buddies strives to combat childhood hunger by ensuring that Lower Mainland kids have food to last through the weekends. For every $10 donation, we can feed one local child six meals, plus fruit and snacks.

B.C. hunger by the numbers

Did you know that B.C. is the only province without a hunger reduction strategy? Backpack Buddies currently feeds 1460 children each month, but there are so many more local children who need our help.

  • B.C. children relying on food banks: 32%

  • B.C. children living below the poverty line: 20.4%

  • B.C.’s child poverty rate is higher than the national rate


We believe that the act is as important as the result. Our 'buddy schools' model connects kids with local kids in need, but it goes one step further. By holding fundraisers and doing the work of packing food for other students in the Lower Mainland, kids learn the true meaning of community.

Backpack Buddies is a nonprofit with just six members. We work with 30 schools in the Greater Vancouver area, made up of 14 donor schools and 16 recipient schools. We need your help to reach our goal: being able to feed 2000 hungry kids every weekend!


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