BC has the highest child poverty rate of any province in Canada. 

Everyday, tens of thousands of children are going hungry in our communities.

Today, the average two-parent, only child, family lives on less than $19,000 per year. With rent, basic living expenses and childcare costs all increasing ten- and twenty-fold in the last two decades, a crisis has emerged for families in our communities.

Basic needs like food, shelter and warmth are now in direct competition with one another. Families are often forced to make trade-offs. Forego dinners this week to pay rent. Skip perishable items so the fridge can be unplugged and the electricity bill kept low. The list goes on.

It’s embarrassing when I can’t feed my three kids. I work hard, but the bills add up and sometimes we don’t quite make it to payday at the end of the month. Backpack Buddies eases the pressure on me as a single mom and on us as a family. They quietly and generously back us up and get us to payday making sure my kids are fed.
— Allison, Mom of Backpack Buddies Recipients

Children in our communities deserve to be well nourished. Their future depends on it.

Your gift provides more kids with backpacks of food on a regular basis. You will ensure that every child who needs a backpack of food  each weekend can have one.  


Central to what we do is our kids-helping-kids model. Our team works with ‘buddy schools’ which empower young students to build their own understanding and empathy, and to be the force of change in their communities through volunteering.

Every week, children at Metro Vancouver donor schools pack backpacks of food for recipient schools in their communities that have children in need. In 2018/19, we had over 400 Student Heroes at 18 donor schools volunteering their time and energy to help other children in their communities.

When you give to Backpack Buddies, you are teaching kids across our city what compassion and a deep commitment to our local community looks like.


Backpack Buddies is fuelled by the passion and commitment of our generous donors. Both kids and grown-ups have joined together to fill the weekend hunger gap for thousands of families across Metro Vancouver.

But there is still more work to be done. 

Learn about how you can join the Backpack Buddies team and help combat childhood hunger. 


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Together, we can ensure that no child in our community goes hungry.
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