Help us reach our goal: To be able to pack and deliver 5,000 backpacks every weekend for local kids in need!

Each $10 we receive helps Backpack Buddies provide a kid in the Greater Vancouver area with six meals plus fruit and snacks for one weekend.



Student Hero Toolkit

Want to get your school involved in helping Backpack Buddies fight child hunger in your community? You're awesome! Download our Student Hero Toolkit to help you get started.



How can you make a real difference?

Students like you are making an impact on local childhood hunger by teaming up with Backpack Buddies. Are you ready to help us kick hunger’s butt in Vancouver?

Step 1

Join forces with a teacher or school administrator! You need them to get necessary permissions, and to help keep things on track. Show them our Student Hero Toolkit and talk about why you want to get involved.

Step 2

Have the teacher or administrator get in contact with Backpack Buddies.

We’ll provide materials to help you and your teacher present Backpack Buddies  to your Parents Advisory Council (PAC), and get approval for your school's involvement.



Other ways to help

There are lots of ways you can support Backpack Buddies if your school is unable to participate.



Donor Stories

Hear stories about our amazing donors and the community: Read More