Help us reach our goal: To be able to pack and deliver 5,000 backpacks every weekend for local kids in need!

Approximately 80% of each donation goes toward food for our program. Every $10 donation helps Backpack Buddies provide one child in the Greater Vancouver area with six meals for the weekend, plus fruit and snacks.

Donate online to help Backpack Buddies fight childhood hunger in your community! Or find out below how you can get a school or business involved.



Individual Donor Toolkit

Want to support Backpack Buddies and help us fight childhood hunger in your community? That's great! Download our Donor Toolkit to get started.


There are two other ways you can support Backpack Buddies:


School Involvement

You can help your child's school get involved with Backpack Buddies. Here’s how:

Step 1

Get a staff member on board. The first step is to get buy-in from a teacher or member of the school administration. This person will be the main point of contact, and help get necessary approvals for the school’s involvement.

Step 2

Contact Backpack Buddies. Have the teacher or admin reach out to our team, and we’ll provide supporting materials to help you make the case for your school’s involvement. Email Emily-Anne:

Step 3

Pitch to the School. We'll help you prepare to present Backpack Buddies to the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), and can join if you wish. Once the board approves the partnership, we'll work directly with the school.

Business Involvement

To get your business involved with Backpack Buddies, there are two potential paths:


Your company can sponsor a recipient school, which then receives food packed by a donor school. This hands-off sponsorship method encourages young adults and children from donor schools to be actively involved, supporting our ‘kids helping kids’ model. The minimum sponsorship contribution we recommend is $250 (or 25 backpacks) per month. 


Your business can hold a fundraiser, collect contributions, or donate a lump sum. Contact us if you need help with ideas for events or corporate fundraisers!


Learn more about how your business can help Backpack Buddies: Corporate Involvement


Donor Stories

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